Stock Listing:


  • Shares Issued and Outstanding: 19,932,965
  • Pond Options (exercise price of $2.00): 1,622,500
  • Warrants (exercise price of $2.50): 1,027,406
  • Warrants (exercise price of $3.00): 3,641,873
  • Broker Warrants (exercise price of $2.40): 372,275
  • Reserved for issue to Regenurex: 6,250,000

Sedar Filings

Presentations & Financial Reports

Board of Directors

J. William Asseltine Bio >>

Robert McLeese (Chair) Bio >>

Grant Smith

Jacob Gamble

Anthony J. Giovinazzo

Gerry Quinn (Chair)

President of The Erin Mills Investment Corporation, a private venture capital company (1989 to present); Director of the Corporation (2004 to present). Director of Yangaroo Inc. (2012 to 2015)

J. William Asseltine

Vice President, Sustainability and Cement Sales Canada at St. Mary’s Cement (2015 to present); VP, Logistics at SMC (2009 to present); VP, Promotion and Marketing Services (2005 to present); Director of Pond Technologies Inc. since 2015

Robert McLeese

President and Director at Access Capital Corp. (1990 to present); President and Chair at Georgian Villas Corp. (2004 to present); President and Chair at Colmac Holdings Ltd. (2011 to present); Director at EDC (2015 to present); Director at Rand Capital Corp. (2015 to 2016); Director of Pond Technologies Inc. since 2016

Geraldine Kenney-Wallace

Consultant at CHI3 Photonics Synergies Ltd. (2009 to present); Director of Pond Technologies Inc. since 2012

Steve Martin

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation (January 2018 to present); Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Pond Technologies Inc. (the wholly-owned operating subsidiary of the Corporation) (2009 to present); Lead, Special Projects at Interlink Contract Services

Pond Technologies Holdings Inc. Opens Toronto Stock Exchange, February 6, 2018

Our IP

We hold a series of patents on the process by which we take gases from industrial exhaust to grow phototrophic biomass in a reaction zone. Our patents are registered in several jurisdictions, including the USA, the European Union, China, and Canada.

This allows us to evolve the technology in our system, grow different crops aside from algae, and apply our platform to different sources of industrial exhaust – gas, fluid, or solid.


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