Next-Generation Tech for the Cannabis Industry

PaiGE Growth Technologies Inc., a Pond Technologies Holdings Company (TSX.V:POND)

What does Pond’s algae platform have to do with cannabis?
In it’s core, the Pond technology platform consists of:

Powerful Lighting:

Pond has developed proprietary lighting that is both powerful and energy efficient. Pond lighting modules can adjust photon delivery by spectrum (colour) and frequency.

Integrated Sensors:

Pond developed custom sensors that monitor numerous environmental inputs in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence:

Data streams from sensors, lighting, and lab work are fed to a Machine Learning algorithm that optimizes conditions for algae growth. The AI has over 1 TerraByte of data to draw from as Pond has over 10 years and 15,000 algae generations of experience.

Automated Controls:

Because algae grows so quickly (4-5 generations per day), Pond had to develop a full-automated system that identifies and responds to diseases and sub-optimal growing conditions in real-time, 24/7.

Scaling Cannabis Industry Faces Challenges

  • As cannabis plants and oil become a commodity, producers are in a global race to drop the cost of production.
  • Mold and diseases have resulted in losses of up to 50% of a harvest
  • Producers and their staff are challenged by the sheer number of plants under cultivation as they switch from small-scale grow operations for the recreational/gray market to industrial-scale operations. The latter need to oblige with strict, costly regulatory standards.

AgTech 2.0 will focus on

the plant

Data from individual plants is key to better growth

Higher yields

Consistent quality

Limited crop losses

Reduced costs

Meet PaiGE, The Plant Adaptive Intelligence Growth Engine

Plants can speak and PaiGE can hear them.

  • Builds on Pond’s AI, lighting, sensors, and controls
  • New, cannabis-specific sensors generate novel data streams that feed into the same ML algorithm
  • PaiGE to serve the North American Cannabis industry (CAD $35 bn) & greenhouse vegetable industry (USD $340 bn)
  • AI-based Precision Agriculture in Canada to exceed CAD $3.5 bn by 2025

PaiGE Diagnostix: Realtime Plant Health Data

Daily check-up on individual plants:

  • Sensor-based “nose” for terpene analysis
  • Laser technology provides fluorescence analysis of plant leaves
  • Particulate sensors detect mold, fungus, pollen
  • Soil pH & nutrients

Designed for scale:

  • Over 2,500 plants per day per device
  • Diagnostic time per plant is less than 30 seconds
  • Handheld or mounted on autonomous applications (e.g. track, drone)
  • All data is encrypted and traceable back to single plant

PaiGE MasterGrower:

The Brain

  • AI can maximize balance of production, improve crop quality and reduce cost
  • System can supplement or interface with any existing controls & data infrastructure
  • Adds proprietary data streams from PaiGE Diagnostix
  • Builds on 10 years of data growing complex organisms to “train” our virtual grower AI
  • PaiGE MasterGrower learns, continuously improving system performance

PaiGE Talisman: A Digital Sommelier for Cannabis

PaiGE Talisman is a small, hand-held device utilizing part of the Diagnostix sensory pack
Assists retailers in providing sophisticated in-store experience
Unlocks a unique platform for brands to engage with consumer

This image shows test results from our Talisman prototype. Training and continuous testing can reveal additional information.

Step 1: The consumer uses Talisman to read scent profile in-store

Step 2: The scent profile is visualized on terpene wheel matching it with intended product experience

Step 3: The consumer enjoys supply transparency via seed-to-sale plant traceability

Contact us for more information. PaiGE Growth Technologies can give your grow operation a competitive advantage.


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