Other Applications

Carbon Credits

Carbon pricing mechanisms exist on every continent, with Scandinavian countries leading the way in the early 1990’s and the first North American jurisdiction to introduce carbon price occurring in Alberta in 2007.


Globally, since 1990, over 51 jurisdictions have put a price on carbon, including China (2017), the EU (2005), Japan (2012), and California (2012). Globally, national, sub-national, and regional governments continue to price carbon, either through a tax or a cap-and-trade system.

Terrestrial Crops

While we originally set out to farm algae, we designed a platform that can theoretically be applied to any crop.  Our system measures many different environmental factors including temperature, humidity, nutrient level, or light levels.

Over time, we are able to assess which conditions stimulate growth and program algorithms that automatically maintain these conditions. While we have yet to commercially deploy our platform to greenhouses or open environments, our R&D efforts have produced promising results.

How Pond Technologies is going to help address the massive global issue of climate change

Pond Technologies’ platform to transform carbon dioxide into algae products for revenue

Our IP

We hold a series of patents on the process by which we take gases from industrial exhaust to grow phototrophic biomass in a reaction zone. Our patents are registered in several jurisdictions, including the USA, the European Union, China, and Canada.

This allows us to evolve the technology in our system, grow different crops aside from algae, and apply our platform to different sources of industrial exhaust – gas, fluid, or solid.