MARKHAM, ON / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2020 / Pond Technologies Holdings Inc. (“Pond“) (TSX.V:POND) (OTCQB:PNDHF) (FSE:400), is pleased to announce that in response to customer demand, Pond has created a new Biotech division. Pond Biotech will utilize Pond’s proprietary micro-algae growth platform to grow unique algae strains for the expression of complex proteins used in diagnostics and therapeutic treatments. Therapeutic protein drugs are a novel class of drugs used to treat such diseases as cancer, infectious diseases and others.

Peter Howard, BSc., Pond’s VP Project Development commented: “The use of micro-algae to produce medical therapeutics has significant technical advantages over current methods of production that use genetically modified yeast, bacteria, or mammalian cell lines. Algae are just as easy to genetically engineer as these other organisms, but they offer two important distinct advantages:

  1. Micro-Algae are more forgiving and can produce considerably more of the molecules of interest. They are far simpler to grow at scale.
  2. Micro-Algae produce a significantly superior product. E. coli and yeasts are less evolved organisms when compared to algae, and thus cannot reliably produce complex human proteins;

With the development of both rapid and reliable gene sequencing technology and precise gene editing techniques (i.e., CRISPR/CAS-9), it is now possible to modify micro-algae to produce human proteins. Single celled algae are much easier to grow than mammalian cell lines, and unlike bacteria, algae mirror many of the secondary structures found in higher organisms. Algae are able to make the right protein, with the right folding, so that its therapeutic activity is maintained. ”

To explain the advantage of micro-algae with regard to human proteins Howard used the following comparison: “If you think of a protein like an origami shape it become clear why this is so important – a single piece of paper underlies all origami, but the paper can be folded into a boat shape or a crane shape, each with clearly different uses and utility. Proteins are the same, and algae can achieve the right origami folding to make the protein work for humans.”

Pond CEO, Grant Smith added: “The creation of Pond Biotech represents a significant milestone for our company and we are encouraged by the promising test results that we have achieved to date in this new field. While Pond’s technology is ideally suited to be scaled to large quantities, our biotech division will offer us the opportunity to produce an extremely valuable product in a small bio-reactor. I believe our biotech division can be a major driver for the future of Pond as we continue to be extremely focused on revenue generating opportunities, and we are excited to jumpstart this exciting opportunity.”

About Pond Technologies Holdings Inc.:

Located in Markham, Ontario, Pond Technology is a technology leader in controlled environment cultivation of micro-algae. In over ten years of R&D, Pond has developed a robust disruptive technology platform based on artificial intelligence, proprietary LED-lights and patented CO2-Management. The use of concentrated CO2 from industrial waste streams enables Pond to boost productivity of micro-algae well beyond the capacity of outdoor algae growers and allows industrial emitters to abate and ultimately recycle CO2. Pond is currently selling micro-algae derived antioxidant Astaxanthin under its Regenurex brand. As micro-algae are becoming increasingly important in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, nutraceuticals, human nutrition, aqua farming, bioplastics and biofuels Pond has begun to license its technology to third parties for ongoing license fees and royalties. Pond recently added a Biotech division focused on the growth of unique strains of micro-algae to be used as a reproductive medium for the expression of human anti-bodies and proteins.

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